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August 17/19th       BJC Oxford Training Camp    




Sept 8th                   Leicester  Closed Championship  


Sept 9th                   Team BJC squad Training


Sept 22/23rd            Kettering Charity International    




Oct 7th                    Team BJC Squad Training


Oct 13th                  Leicester Squad Training  


Oct 27th                  Leicester Area Grading    




Nov 18th                 BJC Closed National Championships  


Nov 24th                  Leicester Squad Training




Dec 1st                     Leicester Winter Teams championships


Dec 8th                     Leicester Squad Training


Dec 13th                   Southfields christmas celebrations!

 Upcoming Events  2019


March 16th               BJC Awards Evening


March 17th               Team BJC Squad Training


March 23rd               Leicester Open Championship


March 30th               Chalfont Championship




April 6th                   Leicester Area Grading


April 14th                 Team BJC Squad Training


April 19th-22nd       St Ives Easter Course


April 28th                 Notts Area Squad & Kata Training


April 28th                 North East Grand Prix


April 27th & 28th     Leicester FPJ Course




May 5th                    BJC Open Championship


May 26th-31st         Cromer week Training course




June 3rd                  Quorn Primary comp


June 10th                Team BJC Squad Training


June 16th                 Leicester Squad Training


June 24th                Nots & Midlands Competition


June 30th                Southfields Summer course and grading  

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